Wednesday, May 25, 2011


since discovering the webshop and blog Neest I have been hard pressed to pull myself away.
the images of the owners personal home, snapshots, and collections are enough to make a satisfied girl long for every little thing they haphazardly collect and document. 
the shop itself is is chalked full of home goods and accessories that are so simple yet perfect that you will have no trouble finding a place for each and every one of them in your tiny apartment or your grand french Maison.
enjoy the pics, and be sure to check out their blog for much more inspiration. 

ps-just try not to fall hard for their little cat Pompon...


Anonymous said...

how cute and adorable! have to take a look at their webpage! and your kitty is just the cutest! what breed is that? lovely! xoxo

Erin Woodgate said...

i love the style of the images! does anyone know what kind of cat that is?

sarah van raden said...

that little cat, Pompon, is a shaded golden british shorthair. there is an article here
interviewing Sandrine from Neest about her sweet little kitten