Friday, January 29, 2010

spring blooms in january

the strangest thing happened yesterday.
I was on my way to grab a crepe and an orange juice from Vivace in NW Portland
as I crossed the street a strong breeze picked up and my face was filled with debris...
but it wasn't debris, it was cherry blossom petals....
in January. 
later that day, a very sweet new friend of mine came round for dinner and brought be a gorgeous bouquet of pink tulips. 
springs favorite warning sign...but it is January.
As eager as I am for spring, it seems a bit worrisome that we are experiencing spring-like symptoms in the middle of the winter. 

photos courtesy of natural curiosities via unruly-things

how long must I wait...

'Diana, how long must I wait' an ironically titled editorial from the pages of Dujour magazine.
months ago this gorgeous publication blipped off our radar, and I feared we would never hear from them again.
but, today I stumbled across a tweet that banished all my doubts.
Dujour is back and accepting submissions for their next issue!!!
send them to
if you, like me, are too impatient to wait till it hits newsstands, do reflect back on past successes by visiting them at content

snack time

i figure since I gave you a lil mid-morning coffee treat, i may as well include a mid-afternoon snack
these gorgeous images are courtesy of photographer Lev Efimov

coffee inspiration

here is a little slice of beauty via desiretoinspire to enjoy with your morning drip
happy friday!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Siri Tollerod for SportMax

found on Sport Max via Design Scene 

these images are infused with a bit of magic, no?
i absolutely love Siri's coloring, and the makeup perfectly compliments her complexion.
i am actually left feeling pretty good about my washed out oregonian skin.
all we pasty girls need is a really good red lipstick

getting away

 farm boy in a beautiful wool plaid coat with a few equally functional accessories to go with

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the brothers Mast

beautiful portraits of a chocolate factory 

(this post has since been published on Fashion Copious)
thanks John!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


 i have an old Polaroid camera that sits in a drawer and calls to me
its true, every so often I find myself being pulled towards that drawer
i slide it open, move the papers and tissue crowding my camera, and lift it up and out of its dark resting place
that is usually as far as it I have had endless trouble finding the motivation to track down film
these beautiful images are pushing me towards the drawer this morning, perhaps today is the day....