Tuesday, June 28, 2011

papier mache magazine

issue no.7 is finally available!
i say finally because I have been waiting with bated breath since they released issue no.6 and I read it cover to cover a hundred times. :)

great lengths

above images via the sartorialist

above images via 1am magazine
image via garance dore
image via altamira
image via carolines mode~stockholm street style

i am in the home stretch of my pregnancy and am finding that there are only about 6 things in my wardrobe that I can still squeeze myself into. my favorite amoung them are my wee collection of maxi dresses. i have a few that cling, one or two that float, and one that used to float but is starting to get a bit clingly for my liking. luckily for me the weather in portland remains cool and i am able to stay relatively comfortable in long dresses and oversized sweaters. this season the maxi dress has been a key player in many a stylish girls wardrobe. I am grateful for a trend that lends itself to those of us who need a bit more length these days in order to cover up our expanding bellies.  :)
 image via google

Thursday, June 23, 2011

milk magazine

I picked up issue 31 of french children's magazine Milk before our trip to Arizona in April.
i have since read and re-read it about 100 times. finding inspiration and beauty on every page and feeling the excitement that comes along with knowing that soon I will be joining this little club of mothers. 
the newest issue looks divine and I am now on a hunt to find it.
as it can be tricky to locate this publication I suggest trying Borders first as that is where I had success. 
such a pretty publication is rare, and I promise it is worth the $12 price tag. :)

one more tip, you can find some past issues available to view online at issuu.com

Milk Magazine editorial images via Isssu

APC sale on now

a few of my favorite from the APC sale rack...if only

zara beauties

a small collection of street pretties from Zara's relatively new People Campaign. 
it is so nice that they publish these photographs of real customers wearing Zara clothing. the website even includes a link to the wearers blog or website. hours of fun!