Wednesday, May 25, 2011

a snapshot of my home

while i absolutely love peering into the homes and lives of other creatives via their blogs and photostreams I somehow rarely manage to post images from my own space. 
this morning I wanted to document a few of the little nooks that I have been enjoying around our home and thought that i would share them with you as well. 
a lovely, rainy day here in oregon and I am planning on spending it  drinking tea, listening to the raindrops on our skylights, sewing some baby things and reading a new book. while slowing down is not always easy for me I am finding that practice makes perfect. 
I am getting quite a bit of practice at the moment while I try to rest and take it easy on my rapidly expanding body. 
we are expecting our first baby in August and I could not be more elated. I have been pouring myself into the preparation of her little room and lovingly getting everything ready for her arrival. 
i hope you enjoy the window into our home.


BriAnne Wills said...

Beautiful home, Sarah. You should have some professional photos done!

Erin Woodgate said...

great images, love all the vintage things! Are they all taken with hipstamatic?

sarah van raden said...

thanks BriAnne! i would love to have some professional shots taken. i am glad that you liked the pics!

erin, yes these are a combo of hipstamatic prints and Instagram. what i ever did before my iphone camera is beyond me.... :)