Thursday, December 31, 2009

sveta zakharova

this is the beautiful face of Avant agencies newest member- Sveta Zakharova.
the simplicity and cleanliness if these shots are what do it for me. 
Photographer Lev Efimov always nails it.

Anouck Lepere

so simple, so perfect

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

here's the thing...

well...there went an hour of my life. 
swept away by the overwhelming nostalgia, beauty and design i randomly stumbled upon when trying to track down that damn industrial shop stool I am after.
I challenge you to find a more unique, creative, tasteful, and timeless source for all things antiquated.
i am left speechless, and I only made it through the tables! 
i know that this is an incredibly long post, but trust that I am seriously holding myself back.
if I had the time/energy I would post every single item on their site...but then again I guess that is what their site is for...

oh yea.. and they have 'fashions' .... oi!

me on Fashion Copious!!

im number 10 on the list!
this is the second time my blog has gotten a mention
thanks John! You are an inspiration and I am so pleased that you like my site!


a sampling

here is a sample from a shoot I recently styled, titled 'Something Blue'. I am so happy with how it turned out! 
Thanks to Cully Wright's extremely talented team!
bisou, s

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

first snow!

a quick hip hip hooray from portland this afternoon as we are graced with our first snowfall of the season. if I had my wish it wouldn't stop until february and we would all have to snowshoe to the grocery 
i love this!!!


Anja for Harpers US

rip it apart!

this is the stool I am coveting!!!
the title of this post is regarding my current sentiment towards my bathroom and my kitchen. 
I know that i should be feeling nothing but grateful to even have a kitchen and a bathroom that are truly mine...but i have fallen prey to the consumer driven artist within and I am ready to make some changes.
these above pics drive me wild!
at the moment I am on the hunt for railroad ties, a very long claw-foot bathtub(for a very long girl), and sturdy metal stools from a local feed store catalog for my kitchen bar. 
here's to make-believe and dreaming
no one ever got in too much trouble for day dreaming did they?

The Last Magazine

gorgeous images by Chadwick Tyler