Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

2pm comps

street style

such a beautiful array of gorgeous women looking comfortable and beautiful. does it get any prettier?

once in a while

every day i receive an e-mail from Fashion Copious.
every day it inspires me, brings new things to my attention and allows me to feel a bit more connected to the fashion world at large.
and every once in a while I will get a mention on Fashion Copious.
Usually the mention is about something that I have posted on my blog, and often it features the interiors that I pull together.
but, this is the first time that some of MY work has been featured and I am very grateful and quite honored to have my styling work out in the world and on fashion copious.

thanks john!


http://fashioncopious (courtesy of)

Thursday, August 19, 2010


I will have you know that I am being incredibly patient and calm and not at all fidgety.
this is because I am very good at waiting for things to get done that I desperately want done NOW!
this particular day I am waiting for my beautiful husband to hang the antique chalkboard that has been collecting dust in our basement for almost two years now.
our dodgy lodger has vacated his room and I have very calmly (read:frantically) gone to work on his old room.
the day after he moved out I walked (read:ran) to home depot to pick out the perfect color for the walls. 
i wanted something that was calming and also light so that the minimal light through the two small windows would feel airy.
I ended up buying one of Martha's new colors called VerdiGris
kind of a blue/grey/green with some cool tones to it.
it is perfect!
Next, I want to hang this old chalkboard on the wall above the space that my new sewing table will be.
Across from the desk, in the very tiny room will eventually rest a beautiful little guest bed. 
but again, i am waiting patiently for the funds, and the time to buy a mattress. 
pray for me, as i will need it!
pics to come soon of the new space as we make our slow and steady progress.
in the meantime here are some gorgeous interiors and some pretty chalkboard inspiration.

a great combination

alexa chung collaborates with american classic (a new classic i suppose) and the results are beautiful.

images via refinery29

thanks to you

i realize that I am not the best blogger.
i post inconsistently, I am in too big of a hurry to tell you all that much about why i am drawn to certain things, or where i go for inspiration, or what I want to wear, let alone what I am wearing.
i am kind of crap at commenting on other peoples blogs, yet I just adore recieving them from all of you.
i cant stick to one topic...fashion, street style, housewares, interior design, personal style....
i am far to scattered to remember what I have posted in the past and end up double posting the incredible stuff that lights me up. 

all that aside, I love this blog.
and I love that you love this blog and that today I have 50 followers!!!
thank you for being patient with me and loving the stuff that I love, or at least tolerating the stuff you dont.
my heart will always skip a beat when i get a comment from you, and i will never tire of discovering and sharing the beauty that inspires me and drives me to keep creating.

thanks for everything


oh zara

all clothes zara casuals

i want to wear these urban cowgirl layers all through the fall and into the winter.
maybe not the tiny denim micro shorts...but everything else is gorgeous!
it also doesn't hurt that the model is freaking STUNNING!!!