Wednesday, June 30, 2010

love this hair

im in the middle of the excruciating process of growing my pixie length hair into what, i dont yet know.
pics like this are torture to me as I try to live in the in-between stages of not short, and not long.
patricia van der vliet, vogue china, 8/2010

little miss jagger

georgia may jagger for Vogue China 7/2010

not totally my style with the pervasive use of brights, but I have a soft spot for this girl.
the big gap in her teeth, the bee stung lips, the curvy body...she is the real deal. I love that she has helped change the model body stereotype.
the more models like her, the more we can all enjoy fashion in its various forms. 
one more from her via and vanity fair

little bird

Suzie Bird for Amica 7/2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

because I fly

clothing by Megan McGugan, photography by Cully Wright, Styling by yours truly, Hair and Makeup by Kylie Sallee
lauren Luiz, Miles Gerig, Kassi Jenson

this is an editorial that I recently styled for the up and coming designer, Megan Mcgugan.
i hope you enjoy~

daily style spy

i love this girls style.
perfect for a wednesday

models Vova Rotari, Oleg Antosik\photo Lev Efimov\grooming Tima Leo\style Gorkaya Natasha


thanks to the incredibly talented stylist, Natasha Gorkaya, for leaving me a comment which led to me finding her blog.

her work is inspirational and timeless yet forward.

I am so happy to have found her beautiful work with one of my favorite photographers, Lev Efimov


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

garance for C. Monaco

Club Monaco never looked so good. Thanks to Garance Dore.