Wednesday, March 31, 2010

if only...

swoon worthy picks from the new Barneys catalog

sweet pony rider

a gorgeous textile and design company pony rider out of the magical land of australasia

won't you be my neighbor

three tree alphabet


le petite jardin
foggy london town
(this one is my personal favorite!)

I live in a neighborhood that is less than glamorous.
please dont get me wrong, I love where i live, its just that the surrounding are a bit rough around the edges. 
this includes the majority of my neighbors.
however, a freak accident happened when I stumbled upon
a young, artistic and completely darling family down the road.
robin carlisle is the adorably chic and stylish mom in said family.
she and her talented woodworking husband have the most beautiful little boy you have ever seen.
once I discovered that Robin is an artist I absolutely had to see what her beautiful imagination was capable of dreaming up and creating.
i was not dissapointed.
above is a teeny tiny selection of artworks from her beautiful website.
I have only included the houses here, but you HAVE to check out her other paintings of birds and figures.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

house of dagmar

one thing i mourn from my last life as a buyer is hand picking each beautiful garment from my favorite international lines for each new season.
Dagmar was always a particular favorite of mine.
these are a few images from the s/s 2010 lookbook 

black and white delight

im not sure where these stunning photos originated, but thanks to
for bringing them to my attention

funny valentine

yet another darling shot from my darling valentine
thanks katers

born nerd

i have been a member of the four eyes club since I lied on my eye exam at age 9 and was given bifocals. 
my mom finally caught on when she witnessed me constantly peering over the top of my specs.
what can I say? Ive always known there was something cool about wearing frames.
while my first pair were bright froggy green, my latest obsession has been with an amber tortoise shell pair from Kala called 
The Morgan. 
they are a bit big, and i found them in the men's section at a local mom and pop optician
the owner (a kind hearted octogenarian) informed me that while these were in fact men's glasses, he could see the appeal for a girlish tomboy  like myself, and then proceeded to give me his approval.
I will let you know what i end up with from my upcoming annual eye exam.
a stronger prescription is a recipe for even cool frames!

Monday, March 29, 2010

my life

i wanted to share a bit of refrigerator romance from my own icebox
most of these pics are of my sweet husband and I through the years...
crazy that we have almost been together for 10 years! 
other bits of things we have collected end up on the fridge and fit together into a chaotic collage of memories and familiar objects
whats on your fridge?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

working linen

fog linen work is one of those rare companies whose success is based on its simplicity
each item they create is simple, elegant, functional and perfect
thanks to simplyphoto for pointing out this incredible company
im just sad that I was too late to enter in the contest to win their newest workbook.