Tuesday, November 30, 2010

just ordered

it is winter in portland.
rainy, cold, wet and miserable if you must be outdoors.
but inside it is candlelit, romantic, warm, cozy and glowing.
I just ordered two new beautiful books to get me inspired and help me enjoy the down time.

and from Pia Jane Bijkerk's Amsterdam Made By Hand 

lil vogue

every once in a while Teen Vogue will get it just right.
this editorial acheives everything that I like to see in a fashion spread; creativity, wearability, beauty, intruige and movement.
what do you guys think? does it do it for you?!

a beautiful cover

i didnt know how i good I had it when I could buy this magazine for $6 while living in New Zealand.
Now I have to be content with lusting over the select editorials online. 
i don't care what they say, there is nothing better than a printed magazine to truly captivate its reader.

16 House

some gorgeous images to inspire your inner decorator from one of my favorite new blogs, 16house


stockholm streetstyle

Friday, November 26, 2010

Notaire in San Francisco

thanks to the lovely Annabelle from the incredible Magpie and Rye for tracking me down and buying a nice little stockpile of Notaire scarves to add to their exquisite collection of beautiful things.
I am so honored that Notaire is carried in their gorgeous shop, and wish that i could take a little trip down to see it all in person.
for those of you that are in San Francisco please do check out magpie and rye and don't forget to pop into the rest of the gorgeous spaces in the prairie-collective. and if you have a moment to report back I would love to hear all about it!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010


a few gorgeous images from a blog i was recently directed to. 
this blog seems to be equal parts scenic, beauty, landscape, flora, nautical, taxidermy and livestock...all told through the flawless aesthetic of photographer John Levitt

erica tanov's roost

beautiful images of the lovely Erica Tanov's house in Berkely California. 
Images via Apartment Therapy