Thursday, June 23, 2011

milk magazine

I picked up issue 31 of french children's magazine Milk before our trip to Arizona in April.
i have since read and re-read it about 100 times. finding inspiration and beauty on every page and feeling the excitement that comes along with knowing that soon I will be joining this little club of mothers. 
the newest issue looks divine and I am now on a hunt to find it.
as it can be tricky to locate this publication I suggest trying Borders first as that is where I had success. 
such a pretty publication is rare, and I promise it is worth the $12 price tag. :)

one more tip, you can find some past issues available to view online at

Milk Magazine editorial images via Isssu


Anonymous said...

what cute magazine! have to show that to my friend for her baby girl! xoxo

Ana Degenaar said...

Me too! How clever are those guys?!