Tuesday, June 28, 2011

great lengths

above images via the sartorialist

above images via 1am magazine
image via garance dore
image via altamira
image via carolines mode~stockholm street style

i am in the home stretch of my pregnancy and am finding that there are only about 6 things in my wardrobe that I can still squeeze myself into. my favorite amoung them are my wee collection of maxi dresses. i have a few that cling, one or two that float, and one that used to float but is starting to get a bit clingly for my liking. luckily for me the weather in portland remains cool and i am able to stay relatively comfortable in long dresses and oversized sweaters. this season the maxi dress has been a key player in many a stylish girls wardrobe. I am grateful for a trend that lends itself to those of us who need a bit more length these days in order to cover up our expanding bellies.  :)
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Anonymous said...

in love with the maxi dress and skirt this season, cannot get enough! ;)


Ana Degenaar said...

Oh dear, I remember the last 2 weeks I wore the SAME pants every single day. Wash at night wear at day. How's that for being VERY pregnant?

I love these dresses, you'd look stunning in them. How's baby Eloise doing?