Sunday, October 10, 2010


i have created a wee collection of beautiful flannel cashmere scarves under the name 'Notaire' and will keep you posted on where they will be available for purchase.
until then, please enjoy these gorgeous images of them that my dear friend and very talented photographer sean mccrary took last week.
not a bad way to start off eh?
oh and its so much fun to style something that is my own product, with my own vision.
this was such a fun day!


Rebecca Westby said...

So beautiful Sarah! Love what you are working on.

Anonymous said...

wow honey! your scarves are beautiful and the images make me want to buy one for each of my loved ones. of course then you would be out of stock! love you doll and am very proud! DD

seanmccrary said...

Hi sunshine-

Thanks for the sweet kudos. Now, on to where the lord of the wild things lives.