Saturday, October 9, 2010

fall sprucing

i thought it was time for a bit of home inspiration.
we have all heard of the spring cleaning phenomenon, but what about fall? 
for me fall inspires rearranging, putting away the garden furniture as it begins to be weathered by the ever increasing amounts of rain, pulling out the down comforters and the antique quilts, changing the bed linens from crisp cotton to cozy flannel, installing warm glowing light bulbs and pulling the last living potted plants inside. 
this is the time of year that I love to linger in my home, sit in my attic and listen to the rain on my skylights and curl up next to my sweet husband to watch a tv that we haven't turned on in months. 
i wanted to share with you some gorgeous images to inspire a 'fall sprucing' in your own home.

happy weekend!

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