Thursday, August 19, 2010

thanks to you

i realize that I am not the best blogger.
i post inconsistently, I am in too big of a hurry to tell you all that much about why i am drawn to certain things, or where i go for inspiration, or what I want to wear, let alone what I am wearing.
i am kind of crap at commenting on other peoples blogs, yet I just adore recieving them from all of you.
i cant stick to one, street style, housewares, interior design, personal style....
i am far to scattered to remember what I have posted in the past and end up double posting the incredible stuff that lights me up. 

all that aside, I love this blog.
and I love that you love this blog and that today I have 50 followers!!!
thank you for being patient with me and loving the stuff that I love, or at least tolerating the stuff you dont.
my heart will always skip a beat when i get a comment from you, and i will never tire of discovering and sharing the beauty that inspires me and drives me to keep creating.

thanks for everything



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EmilyHulen said...

Thank you for adding beauty to my day! I know I don't always comment but I do visit you everyday:)