Tuesday, March 30, 2010

born nerd

i have been a member of the four eyes club since I lied on my eye exam at age 9 and was given bifocals. 
my mom finally caught on when she witnessed me constantly peering over the top of my specs.
what can I say? Ive always known there was something cool about wearing frames.
while my first pair were bright froggy green, my latest obsession has been with an amber tortoise shell pair from Kala called 
The Morgan. 
they are a bit big, and i found them in the men's section at a local mom and pop optician
the owner (a kind hearted octogenarian) informed me that while these were in fact men's glasses, he could see the appeal for a girlish tomboy  like myself, and then proceeded to give me his approval.
I will let you know what i end up with from my upcoming annual eye exam.
a stronger prescription is a recipe for even cool frames!

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