Wednesday, March 31, 2010

won't you be my neighbor

three tree alphabet


le petite jardin
foggy london town
(this one is my personal favorite!)

I live in a neighborhood that is less than glamorous.
please dont get me wrong, I love where i live, its just that the surrounding are a bit rough around the edges. 
this includes the majority of my neighbors.
however, a freak accident happened when I stumbled upon
a young, artistic and completely darling family down the road.
robin carlisle is the adorably chic and stylish mom in said family.
she and her talented woodworking husband have the most beautiful little boy you have ever seen.
once I discovered that Robin is an artist I absolutely had to see what her beautiful imagination was capable of dreaming up and creating.
i was not dissapointed.
above is a teeny tiny selection of artworks from her beautiful website.
I have only included the houses here, but you HAVE to check out her other paintings of birds and figures.


Robin said...

YES!... I will be your neighbor!!! You are the sweetest!

* said...

hello robin's neighbor. i am the proud new owner of foggy london town! i love it and am glad you love it too.