Friday, October 28, 2011

my dream hair

for most of my life I have sported some sort of short or very short hair cut. 
i was raised in the country and my parents had a strict "no fuss" rule when it came to both mine and my little sister's hair. 
the thought was that we would be free to be creative, imaginative, and to think about everything except our hair and the way we looked. 
for the most part, it worked. 
I didn't care to have long hair until i was about thirteen, and upon growing a shoulder length mane I promptly cut it all off into a very un-styish bowl cut as an act of defiance. funny as it was probably pleased my parents to no end. 
each important event in my life- prom, my wedding, the birth of my baby.... i have decided to grow my hair out. yet, after each of these events the most freeing and liberating decision is to walk into a barber- its true I usually have it cut in a funky old barber shop, not in a fancy salon as I feel like the experience is more genuinely me- and lop all those locks into some form of my 10 year old pixie cut. 
after having my daughter 3 months ago, and sporting long hair for the majority of my pregnancy and her first few months of life, I might be ready to lop it all off again. 
these pictures just may be enough incentive to march right into that barber shop and make my day. 

photos- Russh Australia

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