Sunday, July 10, 2011

the remodel begins

this was our bathroom as we knew it. a darling room in its own right, but there were certain things that we have always wanted to change. 
number one, the tub, as i have longed for a clawfoot bathtub since growing up enjoying the one my parents owned.  we also very much wanted to take out the vanity that was in the room when we bought the house. it is a rebuilding center special made up of particle board and a linoleum counter top. yuck! there are a few things that we do love and want to retain. one of which is what we call the 'wart cupboard' and it is that square little wall hanging cabinet that paul has had in his home since he was a little boy. it was the one thing he asked his mom if he could have when we bought our house. 
it is squat, old and perfect. 
the other thing that we love is the old mirror above the vanity. i found the scuffed up frame in a dumpster outside of a barn sale in hillsboro. it was quite beat up and falling apart but my mom and i glued it back together and I had a new piece of glass cut to fit the frame. 
it has been in every house we have ever lived it, and i am excited to see it in our newly transformed bathroom.

 we took everything out of the room on saturday was strange to see it looking so naked and bare. 
I picked up a dozen donuts, made a pot of coffee and left four of the best men I know to demolish our only bathroom just a handful of weeks before our baby is due. 

 and then...eight hours later

and on our porch, awaits our new tub!

i am so grateful for the opportunity to get to remodel this little bathroom of ours, and I am a bit anxious about the short amount of time in which we have to complete it. 
please cross your fingers for us that little Lou comes at least a few days after our renovation is completed. until then, I am taking it very easy and willing her to cook just a few weeks longer. 
happy sunday!

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Ana Degenaar said...

I can't wait to see it finished! Wishing you and little E a happy week!