Friday, July 15, 2011

home on the range

it took everything in me to decide to document a few pregnancy portraits. 
number one, I despise having my picture taken.
number two, pregnancy portraits generally seem a bit contrived and uncomfortable.
three, I had to convince my husband to allow his portrait to be taken as well...this turned out to be pretty easy as he thought documenting this time in our lives was quite important. 
so, we had a friend come over and snap some beautiful black and white shots for us that turned out....quite beautifully. what a pleasant surprise! I give him full credit for that. 
we had to do a few funny pics as well, reminiscent of Appalachian barefoot and pregnant girls of days gone by. 
while meant to be a bit silly, these ended up being some of my favorite shots. 

photo credit- anonymous :)


Anonymous said...

these are stunning, sarah! you look gorgeous, and paul's not so bad himself! ;) love to you both and ur lil peanut!!! ~jade & kekai

Kerstin John said...

These are so damn beautiful! You two are amazing. I miss and love you so much! <3

Kate Schweitzer said...

Hey Sarah! We just started following your blog and I have to say the first photo is absolutely breathtaking! You and your husband are so adorable! And the one in the tub! Love it!!!!

Bria said...

Hi Sarah,

Bria here from Le Train Bleu. It was so great meeting you and talking your ear off-- I've been meaning to drop you a line to say hello.

You're blog is wonderful and I'm so glad I timed my visit to see your portraits. So great! Do you have a working bathtub on your porch? I bow down.

Hope you're having a great Summer--can't wait to meet your little one. Please keep in touch and hoping we can work together somehow/someday!