Friday, June 10, 2011

zinzi edmundson

i love the dreaminess of these photographs capturing musician Zinzi Edmundson
article and photos via .refinery29.

"Describe your daily uniform or the pieces you wear to work in most?
"I have to admit, the whole work-from-home thing is not inspiring me to get out of my pajamas—especially when I've gotten into the really terrible habit of getting up and immediately hopping on the computer and answering emails! I've been forcing myself to pull it together though. More often than not, I've just got on a t-shirt, cardigan, and my favorite high-waisted Acne jeans that my former boss handed down to me...and slippers. I'm trying!" ~Zinzi for Refinery 29 

sounds mighty familiar to me! im always trying to figure out how to make pajamas look acceptable. ive found the best option is to wear old french linen nighties with a holey cashmere cardigan thrown over and puffy down slippers to keep the toes cozy. 
if you work at home what is your solution?

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Ana Degenaar said...

I can only sigh and look at them over and over again.