Tuesday, June 7, 2011

tuesday inspiration for the housebound

i have been staying home quite a bit lately as I am quite far along in my pregnancy and have been told to slow down and start resting. 
i have found that this is harder to do than i would have anticipated.
who wouldn't want a bit of quality downtime to read, sew, watch movies?....well i have found that a day of these lazy activities feels great, then I want to be up and moving around. i have taken for granted the simple pleasures i find in watering the flowers with my heavy old watering can, collecting the chicken's eggs from their now very hard to reach nesting boxes, going for long walks on our dirt road, and feverishly cleaning my house from top to bottom before guests arrive. 
i am learning to take pleasure in the simple tasks that I am able to do without straining my body, and one of these is laying out our dinner table with simple fare, using all of my favorite dishes and napkins and vessels. 
these shots are great examples of simple, restrained styling...my favorite

images via opomme

the other thing i am missing is my wardrobe...
i am longing for my high waisted pants and shrunken sweaters and heeled sandals. feeling a bit tired of the stretch waist, hip slung sweats, maxi skirts, long striped tanks and birkenstocks that have become my daily uniform. 
i love these relaxed looks below and am eager to slip back into similar attire after my sweet girl is born.
but for now I am enjoying looking down at my brown bump and feeling the seemingly endless movements of our growing baby. :)


Ana Degenaar said...

Oh darling, It was so hard for me to rest when I was pregnant, I hated not being physically able to do things like normal people and having to roll out of bed... hated it.

sarah van raden said...

it is so hard! thanks for your kind words. I figure i need to take advantage of the time i have to rest now as it seems that new mothers rarely get a break. but it is still tricky!