Thursday, June 23, 2011

green house

my affinity for plants began at a very young age.
i loved watching my mother in her garden and helping to pick out new plants each spring to bring some color and new life to our home.
my first real job was at a floral and garden store, which was preceded by a job at a nursery, another floral shop, an urban garden store and finally at a garden nursery and gallery. 
since transitioning into fashion styling i have not lost my love for all things green and make a point of filling my home with as many plants big and small as I can provide light for. 
one of my favorite pastimes is searching for and collecting interesting containers to grown little bits in. and while I get some grief from my husband and neighbors, i adore finding unique weeds growing in our neighborhood and transplanting them lovingly into vessels around my home and garden. 
i unknowingly planted and encouraged a voracious vine weed last year that ended up taking over our fence and our neighbors! oops! we spend several days this spring trying to dig it all out as it is an invasive species that has literally ruined our forests around portland. :) 
i have replaced that vine with a pretty hop vine that is finally beginning to flourish. 
my favorite houses are always the ones that are overgrown with plants and half consumed by the vines that have made their way into each nook and crevice. 
do you have any favorite houseplants or garden plants to share with me? I will let you in on my favorite...and it is particularly special as it flourishes inside and out. it is also quite gorgeous as a topiary if you have the patience for that. 
it is called a wire vine, also sometimes it is called an angel vine. I love this particular plant so much that I was sure to work it into my wedding bouquet. 
this year I found I new variation on my prized plant that boasts larger leaves yet still possesses the same delicate beauty of the original.

and some beautiful images to demonstrate just how profound an affect these lovely green bits can have in and around our homes.

photos courtesy of; hello neest, bloesem, primoeza


Ana Degenaar said...

Beautiful post darling!

sarah van raden said...

glad you liked it! nothing better than a bit of green