Wednesday, March 16, 2011

a love affair with shoes

I was recently sent a very kind email by the designers of gorgeous new footwear line Nom&Ada. 
Their designs are classic, simple and completely wearable. I am looking forward to an opportunity to work with them on a shoot featuring their footwear. And i am saving up to get myself a beautiful pair of these spring time skimmers just as soon as it stops raining! 

take a moment to read Nom&Ada's description of their most recent collection and then be sure to check out their website for a peak at thier beautiful lookbooks in which they wisely partnered with the extremely talented photographer Eric Rose. 
this is a collection that you wont want to miss!
NOM&ADA offers quality footwear within the realm of capturing nostalgic means in our lives. We stand for timeless design. In appreciation for experiences had, we remember the past. Through our passion for travel, we search for the new. Both are the integral sources of inspiration that we bring to the NOM&ADA family. Our lighthearted, yet sustainable-inspired approaches are extensions of the diverse lifestyle we're a part of. From an even more personal level, we wanted to start this line not just to be our own bosses, but to share a passion for footwear, with Rie's (NOM) background in studying shoe design and Kimberly's (ADA) passion for collecting vintage shoes. We both have fashion design backgrounds as well. 

Holoholo is the NOM&ADA women's footwear debut style for Spring Summer 2011. One style we are passionate about and confident in...we look to make it iconic and a foundation to what our brand stands for. Holoholo is a modern moccasin handmade by artisans in Japan (Saitama Prefecture), adapting nuances from a traditional moccasin and huarache sandal of the past. The upper is made of genuine leather for the purpose of quality, longevity and wears well with age. It has a 100% natural crepe sole. 
Holoholo is available in 4 color options: Black, White and Camel (Camel has two options with different color handstitching in White or Flamingo).

Holoholo is playful, serious, charming, bold, quirky, curious and intelligent. It can appeal to a carefree woman and her confident expression of personal style. Its versatility can take her to work, through the day, into evenings out and on trips to new places.


NsarkiM said...

I love these and I want them immediately.

s&p said...

i know, they are soo good!