Saturday, February 5, 2011

Waste Twice

I have fallen madly, deeply and utterly in love with this campaign for japanese denim brand Waste Twice.
They describe their company as 'A genuine overalls and comfortable clothing'
i know, it doesn't really even make sense...but it reminds me of the adorable Japanese stationary with quirky English sayings that are somehow lost in translation from Japanese to English.
The clothing from Waste Twice is all workwear and function while the website is highly technical with little r-2-d-2 sound effects and glossy black backgrounds.
The Japanese denim market is absolutely fascinating to me, as well as their relative obsession with American Heritage brands. Far before it became cool again in the US to wear to Levis, Wranglers, Lee jeans and Carhart, the Japanese market was exploding with interest and demand for all things heritage and pre-loved.
If you have a moment to check out Selvedge Magazine they offer an interesting history on denim and many other fabrics while also finding modern designers to highlight and new brands to introduce.

happy weekend!

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