Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a tiny miracle

at the moment i am the very proud of owner of three chickens. 
one dorking(pale grey and brown, standard size), a ducle bantum(clean white with feathered feet, miniature size) and an Aracauna(red with green iridescence, fluffy cheeks, standard size) because of very bad luck we had to get all of these chickens at various times (their predecessors didn't fair so well). So, Maude started laying in the spring, beautiful large white eggs that taste unlike any egg i had ever had.
Next it was Winnies turn, and she lays the smallest, sweetest, palest whisper pink eggs with the yolk as big as a dime. 
Yesterday I heard my husband hoot! when he discovered a third egg in the hen house. This one is a pale grey green and is the 'just right' three bears puzzle piece with a beautiful medium sized egg.
if you have never tried fresh, home grown chicken eggs I suggest you get out there and do it soon because they are too good to miss. 


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EmilyHulen said...

So lovely, I can't wait to come over and have some with you!