Wednesday, December 1, 2010

help me!

photo courtesy of simply photo blog

i need to be stopped! 
I just ordered this beautiful catalogue from incredibly stylish yet simplistic Japanese company Fog Linen Work.
I am going to be doing some very serious reading when i receive all of these pretty new books...
but seriously, i couldnt help myself.
ever since i stumbled upon a post about this company on 
i have been a bit obsessed. it just seems that everything they create is simplistic perfection, and everything looks like it would find a very good home at my house. 
since I cannot afford to splurge on my own home at christmas time, i figure that their pretty book will be enough to satiate my lust for all things F.L.W.

if you are in the portland area and feel that you could drop a few dollars on this pretty stuff you should swing into Alder and Co. in SW. we are lucky enough to have one of the only NW stockists right in our fair town! 

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