Thursday, November 18, 2010

notaire is expanding

for those of you who already own a notaire scarf this woodblock beehive stamp may look familiar. all of the packages I send out are wrapped in newsprint and stamped with this beautiful print. 
In case I have forgotten to tell you the history behind the name Notaire I will fill you in now. 
I used to dream of having a shop...a beautiful little space that was all mine to do with what I wanted and to fill with lovely bits and pieces picked up around the world. I always fancied the name The Notary for this mythical store...complete with heavy butcher paper wrapping and stamped with an expired notary stamp. 
when I started the scarf line, I wanted a more romantic language in which to invoke the same name. So I chose french, a language that I happen to love...and viola! Notaire was born! 
I searched for expired notary stamps with which to stamp my packaging but was stopped in my tracks one day when I came across this ancient beehive wood carved stamp. I figured it was the perfect stamp for this line as it evokes the feeling of nostalgia and organic beauty. 
I love that the stamp is a bit broken and therefor imperfect. The notion of Wabi Sabi; The aesthetic which is sometimes described as one of beauty that is "imperfect, impermanent and incomplete"-wikipedia, is always one that has resonated with me. So it was only natural that this venture embody such an aesthetic. 
I am going to be making a limited number of Notaire pillows from natural fabrics including cotton and linen. I will post more pics as I create these unique beauties. But please dont hesitate to inquire if you see something you cant live without. 



Cully Wright said...

my scarf gets tons of compliments.
just last night my friend Tiffany asked about it and while waiting for the max last week a toothless homeless man said it brought out my eyes... Im very thankful for you and my scarf and your sense of idealistic beauty.

sarah van raden said...

im so glad to hear it!