Tuesday, September 21, 2010

getting dressed

images via streethearts, stockholmstreetstyle,sartorialist,
hanneli mustparta, altamira

im having a hard time getting out of the house this morning.
I have piles of work and lists of things that must get done before saturday...and I have meetings that I must go to...and before I can do that I must get dressed. 
it may seem silly, but when I am getting dressed for a meeting I feel that I need to convey the right message to my client through my wardrobe. so today I need to look chic, professional, but not at all square. oh, and my ankle isn't yet healed so heels are out of the question. 
thank god for cute man shoes and pretty little dresses. oh and its freakin cold. 
thanks god for sweaters to put over pretty dresses and dainty socks to peak out of the man shoes...



agnes szucs said...

i don't like cold... :P
these girls all look so nice!
my favs are nr. 2 and 3, and that pale, cocoonlike cardigan.

Elizabeth Fay said...

Love the picture of the girl in the white dress and skin coloured cardie. She is so cute yet lovely in her simple class. Sweet shoes too.
My favourite is the girl on her daddy's shoulders though. Priceless!
Hope your day goes well.