Friday, July 16, 2010

svetlana for grazia

it seems that every magazine, lookbook and photographer has fallen in love with farming.
and how could they not?
the romanticized notion of being isolated and self sufficient on a beautiful piece of land surrounded by gorgeous, rustic buildings and dilapidated farm equipment is, for many of us, a dream come true.
unfortunately, many of these spreads feel contrived and forced.
with the styling too grand, the farm too new, and models too posh.
This gorgeous layout however manages to get the styling, lighting, casting and locales just right.
if every farm looked like this one, perhaps more of us would be drawn towards this career. 
if only in our dreams...


matters that matter said...

gorgeous...i see you, your life, your chickens and your remarkable beauty...

GORECH said...

Sveta Zakharova is beautiful.. I worked with her..