Thursday, June 17, 2010

a new adventure

i have been ruminating on the idea of starting another blog for a while now.
somewhere that I can post pics of styling scores from my various thrifting trips.
this new place is going to be called 'style notaire' which means style notary.
I have always imagined that if I ever do get around to having a wee little shop full of pretty things it will be called The Notary.
So, this is an imaginary, practice shop to showcase the sweet things i pick up along the way. 
the best part of my job is certainly the bit where I spend hours scouring the stores for just the right prop, or shoe or dress for my clients.
the bad part about this is that I inevitably find many many treasures that dont suit any particular project, but suit me just fine. 
I hope you enjoy this new window into my world. I am glad to share it with others who crave beauty and are happy to find it in the most unexpected places.


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