Friday, May 14, 2010

our little secret

I just finished one of my favorite pastimes, harvesting weeds.
The end result is a weed growing in a bottle, but the process is so much more glamorous than the results sound.
What you will need~ watertight bucket, trowel, skissors, root compound(found at a nursery or BiMart), and pretty bottles.
Step One~ gather up for favorite bucket, a small trowel for digging, and a sturdy pair of scissors for snipping.
Next, you set out on a nonchalant walk round your neighborhood.
My particular neighborhood is quite good for these types of outings as i live on a gravel road which is teaming with weeds, flowers, and other shrubby things just waiting to be found. 
I am also fortunate enough to have a "natural area" within three blocks of my home.
this is basically a city owned portion of land with which the city does absolutely nothing. 
It is a perfectly inconspicuous heaven of overgrown trees, weeds and the occasional stinging nettle.
Step Two~ find non-woody plants and snip off small sections of them (around 13" is a good length)
Drop these in your pail of water and repeat with as many wonderful plants, weeds and flowering bits as you can fit in your bucket.
Step Three~ hightail it home!
Step Four~ fill your beautiful bottles half way up with water. Next, dip your freshly cut trimmings about an inch into the root compound.
Pop your cuttings into the bottles and Voila!
Be patient, as it takes up to two weeks for some plants to take root. And you will find that this is a trial and error process with some plants working much better than others.
Best of luck!

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