Wednesday, May 5, 2010

rose the rooster

photos-Vogue Japan-Edita Vilkeviciute

well, its a bit of a sad day over at my house.
yesterday I took Rose, the chicken, to the feed store to try to uncover the reasons behind her very aggressive behavior towards the other hens. There was also the matter of the high pitched sounds that seemed to take over her body and attack her vocal chords.
with one glance the feed store farmer man was able to, without a doubt, proclaim that our Rose was in fact a rooster. 
So, I hopped in my car, put Rose back in her kitty carrier, and drove the necessary 30 minutes to another feed store with a rooster adoption program. 
well...maybe not a true program, but they put Rose in a cage and set her on top of another cage full of Roosters directly under a 'Free Rooster' sign. 
Once we learned that we were officially over our legal limit with four chickens, and certainly outside our legal bounds with a Rooster, it became all too clear that Rose would have to go.
I must say that leaving her for dreams of a bigger farm, plenty of fertile hens, and tons of space to roam did give me a bit of peace.
and of course I don't allow myself to believe anything other than this happy story.
the end.

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