Wednesday, April 14, 2010

my bff garance

about a month ago garance
posted something on her blog in reaction to the startling number of clogs she saw atop the spring '10 runway 
"So what we will first criticize, and then hate, and then give a second glance, and then reconsider, and then finally steal from all the stores and no one will be able to find them anywhere anymore: clogs." ~garance dore
 i have been a pretty big fan of clogs since my much cooler, older sister used to have them custom made for her by a little portland based company.
lately I have been on the lookout for a sophisticated and pared down version for spring.
I want to wear my clogs with pretty little jumpers, cut off shorts and white tees, and perhaps even a few short dresses. 
well, imagine my good fortune when i literally stumbled upon this pair lying on the floor of the goodwill! goodwill karma does exist! 
 made with pale taupe suede, camel piping and rivets. the sole is wooden, and not all that hard to walk around on. :)
I was particularly excited to see Garance's post today wearing a very similar pair!

great minds right?

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