Thursday, April 15, 2010

loving the old


a beautiful book that i picked up from our sweet little library down the street.
the title spoke to me first and i am truly a lover of the antiquated, the forgotten, the lost, the pre-loved, the castoffs, the worn and the old. 
each page is filled with beautiful stories by the author of family memories from one of her three equally fascinating homes.
the author, Mary, was lucky enough to have been left huge amounts of family relics, as well as two farmsteads, each over a hundred years old. 
for many of us, family treasures were lost, stolen or forgotten and we have to peice together our own character through the collections of things we bring into our homes.
a great example of making the best use of old things is a story the selby did a while back. 
below are images from this particular assignment he did in association with Cole Haan.
"All of the people shot for this project run businesses that have to do with taking old things and making them new again in interesting ways."~Todd Selby

and strangely enough I just stumbled on a story The Selby did about author Mary Randolph Carter
here she is in her work space...she apparently also does stints at Ralph Lauren
weird how these little stories all run together. it feels like an easter egg hunt! all stemming from a rainy day at the library and a great book title.

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