Friday, March 12, 2010

soul mate

for a while now I have been savoring a beautiful valentines gift from someone who understands my aesthetic and my dreams and my childhood like no other.
my sister put together a gorgeous compilation of images that speak to our shared histories, our childhoods, our inside jokes and our stories. 
each one is hand selected with the thoughtfulness and meaning that one would put into a poem or a peice of art.
I will slowly be unvailing these images over time, and thought I would start you out with a lil dose of sisterly love...
forever and always,


Anonymous said...

:) thank you for making me smile. Forever... honor bright

Anonymous said...

Honor Bright...I just love that. It's funny the things we remember from our childhood and the things that remember us.
You and your sister are definitely blessed. While I never had one, I can imagine that there is a connection like non other.

Anonymous said...

Honor Bright...I love that. It is amazing what we remember from our childhood and what remembers us.
I never had a sister but can imagine the love and connection like none other.

Models Paparazzi said...

Love your post and the shots, different but great.