Wednesday, March 10, 2010

our brood

i'm not sure if I have already mentioned this, but about a year and half ago my sweet man and I bought our first home.
it is little, old, and on a scruffy dirt road located out of the way from the bustling city.
the house has a back yard with a big old deck, three apple trees, one big ass holly tree, and an ancient walnut tree that manages to drop crap all over our deck about 9.5 months of the year. 
i love it all. 
last weekend we decided to rob a local warehouse parking lot of a dusty old wood pallet. our grand scheme was to use it as the base for our chicken coop. 
we then whooped that coop right up
(*read-three weekends later, countless hours, and not without consulting our 9th grade geometry book) 
and voila!!! a chicken coop!
now it was time to buy some chicks.
we had decided on two, a good number to start with, and not so many that we couldn't find adequate homes for them if our personalities weren't suited to these particular species.
we drove down to the little local feed store, and somehow walked out with all the chicks they owned- 
thank god they didn't have fifteen. 
now we are the proud owners of four eating, pooping, chirping, fluffy little chicks. 
i am soooo happy! 
two chicks are of the Dorking variety, one is a Japanese Bantum, and one is a black Cochin with fluffy feet
i figure this is the first step in restoring our 1914 farmhouse to its original purpose.
next, a pig


EmilyHulen said...

I can't wait to meet them! Can I help when you pick out the pig:)?

Anonymous said...