Thursday, March 4, 2010

australian heart

there is something that happens to me every so often that I cannot explain
i can only describe it as heartache
it occurs when I stumble across an image, or a collection of images that touch me in a deep way
something in me shifts, and I am never going to be the same again
yes, this is a bit heavy, and perhaps it is a totally ridiculous way to describe a reaction to a photograph
however, fine art has always evoked deep emotion in people
which is why so many professional artists have managed to make a living by creating interesting, beautiful, even sometimes disturbing works in the name of art.
it is our emotional reaction to these works that give us fuel and a hunger for more.
thanks to a fantastic spread from Australian Vogue, and featuring Rosie Tupper, i am seeing the world a tiny bit differently this evening


EmilyHulen said...

Thank you for your blog and your amazing eye for beauty. Is this the same model (Rosie Tupper) that was in the video you feature sometime in August?

sara said...

totally agree with that feeling

Cully Wright said...

these are almost as beautiful as you are... thanks for the inspiration this morning.