Friday, November 27, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

This amazing artist-J.Morgan Puett, was brought to my attention by design blogger 
It seems like the perfect mood to convey for the cozy, lazy, lethargic days following Thanksgiving. Unless of course you are one of those mad people who are out and about shopping in the frenzy of black friday.
Myself? I am tucked in front of the fire with a new magazine and the good intentions of making holiday wreaths with my mom. 
to each their own! whatever you may be doing, enjoy this little break...

"Conceptual installation artist J. Morgan Puett began her career in fashion design (and garnered acclaim for her art installation meets retail concept stores) until in 1997 she created the artists' colony Mildred’s Lane. Decay and chaos blend seamlessly with beauty and considered collections. Referencing the past it is a living working art installation. (Images from J. Morgan Puett and The New York Times.)" - Desire to Inspire dot net

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