Wednesday, October 7, 2009

chanel spring '10

for years my husband had heard my girlfriends and I mention Chanel- the famous french design house now run by an accentric septuagenarian by the name Karl Lagerfeld. 
In the same span of time, Paul would occasionally flip through the random assortment of fashion magazines that are commonly strewn around our home.
He kept running across ads- very expensive looking ones at that- for an odd company by the name Chanel. Now in his head he always read this Chanel- like a river or a body of water. 
Until one day....he came to me with a big smile and said, "hey, all this time I thought this Chanel company was taking out a lot of ads, funny I had never heard of them. Now I realize that Chanel is in fact Chanel(read Shannell)!"

One more reason to love this man...

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