Thursday, September 10, 2009


I have run across photos of Yamin on Garance Dore's blog, as well as randomly in my moments of weakness when I just can't resist Elle UK. I am drawn towards her seemingly flawless elegance and personal sense of style. She always looks effortless, yet perfectly put together. Never stiff or stuffy, seemingly comfortable and casual in an incredibly expensive evening dress. Yasmin has the type of style that can work if you are dirt poor or have pockets full of cash. She is a great inspiration and I will think of her next time I am perusing the racks at Goodwill - knowing she is probably doing the same thing in London (even if they are the racks at Browns)....

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Haley said...

LOVED Garance's post about Yasmin! And the photo of her in the black dress...mostly because of the shoes. Surprise. :)